• The Call From Paris To Glasgow I 

    To create the International Climate Agency (ICA)

    As an International Committee Experts 

    dedicated to NetZero Global Agendas (EU, G20, G7, UNs)

    Support by Working Materials & Data to help establishing officially 

    the ICA, International Climate Agency (cf www.CallFromParis.org)


    to be confirmed soon


    to be confirmed soon

  • Helping & Enabling 

    NetZero Convergence & Climate Risks Management 

    for the XXI Century

    Blended Committee of Global Experts, 

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    6 years after the Paris Agreement and one month from the COP26 Glasgow, we know that we must accelerate the transformation of Policies (local, global), Energies new Mix, and Funding allocations to Sustainable and Inclusive Solutions. But decisions/actions show asymetric oversea tempos, and internal multi-layer intrications. During this time, if the IPCC Reports and projection series are clear, a faster twist from "Climate Science" to "Climate Finance" at scale seems THE Imperatives. What would be the consequences, if not at time? 

    That's why, from Global Leaders to Civil Societies, the NetZeroCoalition DoTank is promoting the CallFromParis to create officialy the International Climate Agency, to boost and anticipate decisions/actions on the ground. 

    But when some already highlight that "Climate Risk is a Financial Risk", others also say "Climate Risk is a Security & Peace Risk". That is the purpose discussion on the latest Draft Resolution rejected within the Security Coucil of UNs, this last Monday 13th December 2021 (cf Link). 


    Because we know, that this meta discussion/resolution will be back until 2030 milestone, or even 2025, the NetZeroCoalition is launching the dedicated NetZeroTaskForce to help Decision Makers during the Global Agendas to converge better for good. Humanity can't miss this momentum. But How?


    The NetZero TaskForce is raising fund for VOLUNTARY STUDIES & REPORT, by 2 These 2 main SCOPEs: 

    • Pricing the Risks Scenarii of not being NetZero for MidCentury (Energy view & Climate Change impact)
    • Pricing the Impact Risks & Costs of the current Climate Models' uncertainty (Climate & Data view)


    Our work is to help both, (un)convinced Global Leaders to align tempo within their own strategies, within EU, G20, G7 and UNs Agendas.



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