• The NetZero Frontiers.

    For this XXI Century, frontiers will change from:

    climate, business, knowledges & sciences, organisations, institutions,

    geo-zones, even country and (new)space frontiers, and surely mindsets.

    Humanity Story tells us that People will still move for better daily life.



    A Pledge for Prioritizing The "Being" Before the "Having".

    The Values shared among Humanity will still higher

    than only sharing Good & Products or even High Technologies.

    Today, the Graal stills finding Equilibrium. And NetZero is the big piece of it.



    We gather People from Industries, Institutions, Philanthropies,

    Foundations and NGOs, as Citizen of the NetZero World we need.

    We support to navigate through the waters of the global new model.

    And we are playing as your guiding light in these

    "NetZero Roads within the 5 Continents & Times".

    from pledge, strategy to Healthier GDP Business & Practices.



    We do believe that The Path is as important as The Road.

    For that we have the responsibility to build the

    highest exigences and standards at this new core model.

    Sharing Common Responses by setting GloCal Public&Private Partnerships.

    From Today and Generations ahead.


    NetZero COALITION is the OpenDoTank co-launched by Climate Tech Venture, and includes key worldclass members at its foundations, sharing the same vision, mission and values for this New World Development Model.